2020-2021 Pennant Season



Our Club is affiliated with the Central Highlands Bowling Division.

CHBD Season 2020-21 requirements for play

Please instruct your members that there is to be no physical contact between any players on event days.  All bowlers should sanitise their hands regularly through the course of the match

  1. Mats and jacks are to be cleaned prior to and after use each day. Mats are only to be handled by the home team leads and are placed on the rink by that lead for the whole of the game, winning skips will provide direction on where the mat is to be placed. Jacks or Kitties will not be rolled by leads but rather placed by the home team skips again in accordance with the winning skip directions. Toss for the mat will remain and be co-ordinated by team manager. Where kitties are touched by the skips they should use hand sanitiser after they place the kitty down. Thirds should kick the kitty into the ditch.

  2. Mats should be collected by using a bowls lifter. Where two kitties are not able to be used on each rink then ensure the lead touching the kitty sanitises their hands after they roll it to the skip.

  3. Players may only touch their bowls throughout the course of the game, bowls that are out of bounds or fall into the ditch without being a “toucher” will be removed by the bowler or by using a “lifter” by the skip.

  4. Touching bowls should be marked with spray chalk only. Clubs may have to invest in spray chalk for their skips or thirds.

  5. For Saturday Pennant there will be no afternoon tea provided, players requiring food should bring their own. A ten- minute break can be taken if agreed by the team managers during the course of the game. Across the three rinks this may be taken at say the 10th end by one rink,11th end by the second rink and the 13th end by the third rink so as to stagger the congregation of players.

  6. For Mid-week Pennant a break can be made after 10th,11th and 12th ends where three rinks are in play and at the 10th and 11th end where two rinks are in a play.

  7. Tea or coffee can be supplied throughout the day only with service by the club. Do not expect clubs to provide this service it will be the exception rather than the rule.

  8. After match refreshments can be supplied both inside and outside of the club rooms but must satisfy the social distancing rules.

  9. Clubs may choose to conduct a raffle after the game is concluded.

  10. Clubs are to maintain a register of players competing at their club and with that information have a record of contact phone numbers. Team managers of visiting clubs are to provide a list of their players and contact numbers when arriving at the club. Only the home team manager is required to complete the pennant team sheet.

  11. Please provide hand sanitiser at entry points and in toilets at all times.

  12. Water fountains are not to be used, clubs can provide or sell bottled water. It is best if all bowlers were to provide their own water.

  13. Home teams only to update scoreboards.

  14. Breaks for bad weather should be managed by the home club taking into account club room sizes and outdoor facilities-common sense should be used.

  15. Clubs should appoint a Covid Marshal to be on duty at all times, this person is to ensure safe practices are being followed by all present.

  16. Masks are to be worn at all times, where it is unavoidable to travel by yourself masks must be worn by the driver and passengers in a car.

  17. Please maintain the safe distance of 1.5 metres at all times, this will mean only thirds may stand at the head, leads and seconds must be off the green unless bowling.

  18. Err on the side of caution at all times

  19. Communicate these instructions to all your members. Be patient after a few games everyone will get the gist of the requirements.

  20. Only two players are permitted at any time on the rink (at each end of the green)

  21. On Saturdays where social distancing cannot be adhered to at clubs, team managers are instructed to have four players at one end of the green with the remaining four at the opposite end of the rink.

  22. Spectators are not permitted to attend pennant games unless they are umpiring, supervising young children playing bowls or assisting a bowler with special needs.

  23. After match refreshments can be supplied both inside and outside of clubroom but must conform with local and state government guidelines whilst satisfying social distancing instructions.

Pennant Fixtures (Click on links below to download the fixtures spreadsheet)

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